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Kindergarten Enrichment

Kindergarten Enrichment Activities

Kindergarten is a wonderful year of learning, laughter, fun and academic growth.  Below you will find some ideas of ways to enrich your child’s learning during their kindergarten school year.  This enrichment sheet has been developed to provide students with added academic enrichment in addition to the enrichment they already receive each day at school, however, the activities on this sheet are not to be used in replacement of the kindergarten homework activities.

“Play is your child’s way of exploring the world. It is their first discovery of sensation, movement, language and their surroundings and is an essential part of a child’s development. Being able to play freely enables them to learn invaluable life skills.”
Below you will find activities, websites and recommendations of workbooks.

Language Arts:
-Make your own dictionary:  While reading, write down any words you do not know how to read or you do not know what they mean.  With your list close by, use a dictionary to look up each word.  Then write down the definition (what the word means) in a notebook.  As you read more and more you will begin to fill your dictionary with many words.  

-Dictionary Flash Cards:  With the words in your dictionary make flash cards.  Write the word on one side and the definition on the other.  Have an adult or older sibling quiz you on the word and definition.

-Go to your local library or to our school library.  Check out a chapter book or book with many words.  Pay close attention to the characters, the setting (the place where the story takes place), the conclusion (how the story ended), story details within the story, defining moments (what happened to the characters, any problems that occurred).

-Daily Reading Book Log:  Make a notebook or buy a spiral bound notebook.  Each day after you read a book write down who the main characters were, the setting (the place where the story took place), and your favorite parts of the story.  This will be a mini book report for each book you read.

-Daily Journal:  Make your own daily journal.  Take your time to make the cover look beautiful and label it My Daily Journal.  Make sure your journal has lots of blank lined paper in it.  Each day before you go to bed write about your day, what you did, who you saw, where you went, what you learned, what your favorite part of the day was.  Once you fill up this journal make a new one and write in that one each day as well.  This is a wonderful activity you can do even after you finish Kindergarten.

-Silly Sentences:  Each day pick a different letter.  Find objects around your house that begin with that letter.  Use those objects to write a riddle.  For example, I started with the letter “a” and found an apple, ant, actor.  My riddle I made up is “Andy is an actor eating an apple with an ant.”  Whew…listen to all those “a” words.  Make your riddle as funny and long as you can.

-Use any small objects around your home to make a mathematical equation.  For example, I used pennies and put 5 pennies in one pile and 4 pennies in the other pile and that equals 9.

-Draw a lady bug, butterfly or fly (anything with two wings or two parts).  Put a few dots in one side and a few in the other side, count how many all together then write the equation below.  You can do the same but subtract the next time.

-Visit or pbskids

-In school we use the Superkids Reading Program. Talk to your children about which character they are learning about. Also reinforce the letter they are currently working on. All Superkids modules will be sent home upon completion please review the book with your child.

-Read every night for 20 minutes. When reading to your child take a picture walk first. Talk to them about the pictures and ask them what is happening in the story. While reading have the child point to the words as you read. After check their comprehension by asking them to orally retell the story.

-Review kindergarten sight words each night. List will be sent home beginning in January. Make flashcards for each word and review with your child nightly.

-I SPY Game- While out shopping ask your child to Spy something that begins with the letter "C". (repeat for other letters)